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Sacred Attunements for Bowl Purchase

We are blessed and honored to hold space for you to find a new Crystalline Companion. We keep at least 150 Alchemy Bowls for purchase available at all times and our current inventory can be found under the “Alchemy Crystal Bowls” tab.

To honor our time together these sessions cost $88 per a 90 minute Attunement which is paid in advance of our session. If a bowl is purchased this amount is deducted and the session is free of charge. If a bowl is not purchased this is an offering to honor our time together.

Sacred Attunement sessions are offered by appointment only. A selection of bowls will be presented for you to work with based on our communications prior to the Attunement time.

Please fill out the contact form below to start this process.

We look so forward to assisting you on this journey.

In love and service,

Tara Kaur & Joshua